Is a Drywall Ceiling a Good Option in a Finished Basement?

There are many advantages to using drywall (a.k.a sheetrock) ceiling when remodeling or finishing your basement. The biggest advantages to installing a drywall ceiling in a finished basement is an aesthetic one; this type of ceiling has a smooth, finished and "blend with your home" look that you just won't have with using suspended ceiling tiles.

A big advantage of having a drywall/sheetrock ceiling in a basement is that loss of headroom will be minimal. Drywall uses less space so it is a good choice when you have low ceilings and need to take advantage of all the headroom possible.

One of the biggest disadvantages of a drywall ceiling is the inability to quickly get at hidden plumbing and wiring. If there is a leak from a sink above for example, damage may occur to the basement ceiling below. If you are concerned about quick access to an area of plumping or even wiring from the basement, this can be solved by installing access panel(s) where the main plumbing is.

But, this possibility should NOT deter you from finishing your basement ceiling with drywall. Should any water damage occur, the area is simply cut out and then replaced. You don’t have a drop ceiling on your main floor simply because the floor(s) above could experience a plumbing leak, do you?

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